Psychiatric Sites

Founded in 2000, The Clinical Research Group, Inc. is celebrating 20 years in business serving the clinical research

industry.   We strive to meet the needs of patients, physicians, and clinical trial sponsors and CROs with a spirit of excellence.


Specializing in site-level management and intervention, the mission of TCRG is simple:

"Creating clinical trial success one site at a time."

TCRG supports and streamlines site-level operations through various programs and solutions that are scalable to

meet the needs of sponsors, clinical research organizations, and independent investigative sites. We started our journey in psychiatric research in 2016. Since then we are conducting psychiatric studies successfully. We have five (5) psychiatric sites in DFW metroplex and two (2) psychiatric sites in Puerto Rico.


We went to PR due to growing need of mental health studies in that area due to the Spanish speaking population

which still makes only 2 percent of the research population. We have highly motivated PI's with fully equipped sites. All sites have well trained and experienced staff in place. We have completed one psychiatric study successfully and 2 studies are ongoing. Our sites use central IRB and we have experienced staff to take care of regulatory paperwork, IRB approval and budget negotiation. All this is taken care of in 10-12 days. We have SOPs in place for screening, recruitment and enrollment.  Additionally, we have SOPs for storage of IP and medical records during the study, medical equipment/records storage and destruction after the closure of study.


 We always have access to research resources and TCRG makes sure that we meet the enrollment goal at all our

sites.  We use advertisement on different media and use our network of referring physicians for recruitment in addition to PI’s patient database if some protocol allows the referrals in the study. We carefully select studies for each site considering the patient database, PI’s interest, and patients need. We limit the number of trials at each site and do not opt for a study which has competitive enrollment criteria for an existing trial. Please see the introduction of our PIs and psychiatric sites below:



Dr. Islam is Board Certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with additional Certification and

Training in Geriatric Psychiatry. He is experienced in performing electro-convulsive treatment (ECT) for medication-resistant depression and psychosis. He is also certified for office-based Suboxone treatment for opiate dependency. Dr. Islam has more than 4000 patients in his practice. Dr. Islam's research staff is fully trained, and the site study coordinator has over 5 years of neurology and psychiatry research experience. Miss Anita Thomas is Sub-I who is a full-time nurse practitioner at the site and has research experience

Dr. Islam has done research in dementia, cognitive impairment and assessments of behavioral changes (depression,

agitation, psychosis, anxiety) in elderly as mentioned in his CV. The site accepts Medicare and his patients belong to all social classes and many require alternatives and supplements offered through studies.


Dr. Mech has 34 years of clinical research experience. He has taken part in 52 psychiatric trials as PI. He can recruit

successfully due to access to advertisement tools and a network of referring physicians. He has experienced research staff and has a big patient pool of over 3000 patients which makes his site a favorite for almost all psychiatric indications. He has EEG lab, sleep lab and TMS treatment available to his patients. He came on board with TCRG in 2015 for the research development at his site.

He has expertise in treating treatment resistant depression, treatment resistant schizophrenia, ADHD and bipolar disorder.

LAKESIDE LIFE CENTER: Dr. Nishendu Vasavada

Dr. Vasavada has over 8 years of research experience. He came on board in 2016 and is actively and successfully

conducting clinical research studies with TCRG. He has a well-equipped site and very experience research staff. He has ketamine clinic at his site. His patient database and his experience make him very suitable PI for MDD, Psychosis, Bipolar and addiction studies.


 TCRG manages and supports investigative sites globally. In addition to seasoned clinical trial sites in Puerto Rico,

U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic, TCRG has recently expanded into India. Future expansion into other emerging markets is planned for 2018. Such expansion has been made possible and successful by the launch of TCRG’s premier product, the Source Map™ Source Document Management System. Source Map™ is a scalable solution that allows remote access and support for clinical trial sites globally.